Songs of Praise

by Red20

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Songs of Praise is the debut EP from Birmingham-based artist Red20 (aka producer Alastair Turl). Previously crafting industrial metal records in Sheffield, Al is back with a new sound that draws influence from the likes of Nick Cave, Depeche Mode and Mike Patton.

Described by Al as "four tracks of ecclesiastical terror", this EP is not for the faint-hearted, and listeners can certainly expect something refreshingly different from the alternative music you get these days.

From the opening fireworks of Angels Soaked in Gasoline, it's clear this is the start of something completely new. The bellowed refrain of 'take me to your leader' over a swing beat and frightening accordion is guaranteed to get stuck firmly in your head. Metamorphosis is a dub-tinged anthem with guest Daisy Pearson playing acoustic guitar and singing the fragile chorus.

Old Hat heads for darker territory. The tempo slows down and atmospherics abound. Whips, chains and spectral voices drive this track, before the EP closes with The Upstairs Man. This track is a sinister monster driven by a cantankerous piano line and pounding drums, winding through time signatures until it reaches its epic finish.


released May 25, 2013

All music and lyrics by Alastair Turl.

Red20 is:
Alastair Turl - vocals, keys, programming, choking

featuring guests...
Daisy Pearson - vocal (2), acoustic guitars (2, 4)
Sal Broughton - guitar samples (1, 3)

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Alastair Turl.
Mastered by Lorenz Vauck, XARC Mastering.


© 2013 Alastair Turl.
All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Red20 Birmingham, UK

Industrial rock. Sounds like NIN, Ministry, Godflesh, Killing Joke. Brutal, angry, somehow catchy.

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Track Name: Angels Soaked in Gasoline
Some people won't get down with this groove
Believers in shit that can't be proved
I'm open to rational debate
But sooner or later they just, they just irritate

Take me to your leader
The man without a face
Did he write that magic book
You foolishly embrace?
Take me to your leader
I heard he's kind of mean
But I know how to make him smile
Send him angels soaked in gasoline

Please calm down, I've got an open mind
Delusion is something I could never get behind
And yes, it's true, I don't respect your faith
When it comes to thinking, baby, I've got taste

You've lost your mind and undermined
All modern science, this is true
But let's rewind, I'm not unkind
I only want the best for you
Now don't be scared, cause I'm prepared
I've got my facts and figures straight
Without a doubt, we won't work out
Because I cherish all you hate

This is my body
And this is my blood
This is my light, and the light, it is good
Give me a weekend and I'll be all right
Just ask forgiveness before you ignite

Kill your firstborn in my name
Yes, my child, you're all fair game
Just cover up your whores
And wage your holy wars
Love thy neighbour, unless they're gay
From my flock you mustn't stray
Consistency is all I lack
My boy is coming back!
Track Name: Metamorphosis
The hole in my head
Is turning red
Need a new disguise
I'm scratching an itch
Another glitch
This could be my demise

When I'm waking up
My bed is filled with teeth
Who knows what's underneath
Twisted kind of luck
We're rotten to the core
Become my vespid whore

This is my disease
A gift you will receive
Lay your hands upon me
Need your beauty sleep
You know what lies beneath
Wrap your arms around me, girl

I'm trying to hide
My human side
Is under lock and key

I'll bury my sins
and spread my wings
Become what I must be
The insect inside
Is coming alive
An arrow to my knee

The buzzing won't stop
They're swimming from nose
They're eating through my clothes
Leaking from the top
Infected blackened eyes
The body never lies
Track Name: Old Hat
Wash my hands
Forgive me for all I have done
No, no regrets
The damage has only just begun
Close your eyes
These sugary kisses sublime
Don't breathe a word
No truth in the rumours you heard

Click my heels three times
And let me tell you why
'cause underneath these robes
I'm just a regular guy
And when the children play
I'll get down on my knees
I clasp my hands and pray
They'll sing a song -
They'll sing a song for me

Oh boy, the path I chose
Guarantees I'll be burning in the down below
Me and my ruby slippers
I'm out of fight and rubber spite
But I still love Him

Father, please forgive
Blame the sin on satan's kiss
Moment of unholy bliss
Devil lips, sodom fist
In your loving arms
Deliver me away from harm
Be my curtain call
I stumble lest I should fall
Track Name: The Upstairs Man
I'm hiding from the upstairs man
Straight from the fire to frying pan
Head back where I began
I'll spite my face like Uncle Sam
Down here I'm melting to the bone
Back where the little boys still roam
Sat on my infant throne
I'm hanging from the telephone

Underneath my crooked smile
I've realised
My compromise
Underneath, I cover my ears
Make them disappear
Like the man we love to fear

Tell me, tell me
Everything will be OK
Baby, baby
Make him go away

I'm looking for the upstairs man
His filthy book, his deadbeat gang
Burn down this squalid shrine
Beelzebub is on the line
My supplications head downstairs
Unheard by multimillionaires
They're toasting daily bread
A cup of wine to raise the dead

Don't need a hand
Back to where it all began
That, baby, I'm the upstairs man